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If you are happy with our services we want you to tell everyone your know.


For this we will reward you with a unique thank you. 


Our rewards program gives you and opportunity to earn some cash while sharing and helping promote our company to others. 


Please see below for the details of our Refer and Friend and Familiy Member Program. 



We Appreciate your Business and want to Thank you!


Refer a Friend and Get PAID

Because your business is important to us we want to show you our appreciation.  If you enjoy your move with us, why not share it with your friends and family.   We have put together a special Refer a Friend or Family member program to reward you.


Here is how it works.


1. You Refer a Friend or Family Member to G & M Moving and Storage Website.

2. They complete a GUESTIMATE and mention that you referred them.

3. We offer them our service and they decide to book with us.

4. Upon completing the move the person you referred will need to provide you with their order number.

5. You then call our customer service hotline and let the representative know that you want to submit a Referral for a move.  We will record the information and process your referral on the next payout date, as long as it meets with all required guidelines.

6. If you are unable to call in your referral , please feel free to submit a REQUEST HERE with the above information and we will process your submission.

7. We will reward you with a commision check of 5%  - It's that easy.


All commission checks will be paid out to the receipient by the 15th of the following month of the completed move date. (ex: So if the move date was April 30th, then you will receive you fee on July 15th)

All commissions are based on the final price of the move.  Elements of the move that are NOT INCLUDED into the commission are storage, tolls, charges for certificate of insurance and any other costs that are not related to the cost of the labor and packing of the move.

In order to receive your commission check you must submit your referral within (7) Seven Business days of the completed move.


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