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Getting ready to move yourself.  We offer a wide variety of services to meet you needs.  Whether it be our full service package that you require or simply moving one piano.  We are equipped to handle your needs.  ​


Our services include but are not limited to:


- FREE GUESTIMATES - In home or Over the phone

- Packing

- Wrapping

- Carting

- Overnight storage for longer moves

- Pre-planning  and  pre-moving inventory

- Boxes and Supplies

- Special Moves - Antiques, Paino's, Art-Work

- Single Items : Couches, Refrigerators, Exercise Equipment.


Our employees are trained professionals that take great pride in their work, and will take the utmost care when handling your belongings. All goods are wrapped and protected before being removed from your home, combined with air ride suspension and GPS tracking we assure your belongings arrive in tact and on time. There is never a charge for the blankets and tape we use to protect your furniture during the move.

Your Local Move - We will take great care to ensure your satisfaction.

Residential Moving have several components to ensure a sucessful move.  Some of these components require you to make decisions ahead of time as well as pre-planning.  


Q? Shoud I buy Insurance?

A. We are great at what we do, but accidents can happen.  Moving Insurance is very inexpensive

compared to the value of your household hoods, and is something you might want to consider. 


Q? What is Travel Time?

A. Travel time is calculated as the time it takes for our crew to arrive at the orgin address, plus the time it takes the crew to get back to our office from the destination address.  Trave time is set prior to the move and does not change even if our crew is stranded in traffic or due to inclement weather. Driving between the orgin and destination is considered billable labot rime and has been factored into your quote.


Q? Who pays Tolls?

A. If you have a binding price for your move, then it includes the cost of the tolls.  If you move is based on an hourly rate, the cost of tolls is in addition to the labor and materials. 


Q? Is there a guarantee on packing or pressed furniture?

A. G & M Moving and Storage Corp cannot control whether proper packing methods are used on boxes packed by the customer, and liability is limited where allowed by law.  In additional , furniture made of pressed wood often sold by IKEA, Staples and others are not designed to be moved and G & M Moving and Storage cannot be held responsible for damages for these items. 


Q? Who is responsible for jewelry, casj and high price collectibles?

A. G & M Moving will not carry and or be liable in any way for the loss or damage to currency, precious stones, stamps, securities or jewelry.  Any item of extreme value should be moved seperately by the customer. 


Q? Do I have to confirm my move?

A. It is very important that you confirm your move at least one day in advance.  G & M Moving and Storage will send you an email asking you to confirm, but if you do not receive it at least 24 hours in advance, please call the Delivery Department  at  718-618-9530 option 2.




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